Music 38C Chinese Music Ensemble
at Pasadena City College:
Professor Cynthia Hsiang founded the Chinese Music Ensemble at
Pasadena City College was in 1997. As a regular credited ensemble class
offered by the Music Department, the ensemble provides students an
opportunity to learn, practice and perform Chinese music. Besides concert
performances every semester, the group also participates in many
community events. In 2008, the group was featured in Monterey Park
Chinese New Year Festival. This course offered in Spring and Fall semesters
meets every Thursday 6:15-9:25pm at CENTER FOR THE ARTS Room 117,
and teaches students performance techniques and cultural context of
Chinese music. Students learn zheng (long zither), erhu (fiddle), dizi
(bamboo flute), pipa (lute), yangqin (butterfly harp) and other Chinese
musical instruments in an ensemble class setting.
Eastwest Entertainment
Entertainment Program
For more than a decade, Eastwest Entertainment has offered numerous
eye-catching and breath-taking Chinese entertainment shows for clients of all
occasions. If it's a private event or a thousand- people festival, with spectacular
costumes and virtuoso skills, our world class performing artists definitely will make
your next event the most memorable one for all your guests.

Our performances have a great variety of music, dancing, dragon dances, lion
dances, acrobatics, magic shows and much more.

For booking information, please contact
Director Zhming Han
at (626) 321-6999 or at